Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your needs and requirements. There are different categories of products enlisted on our website. You can select a category and choose your required supplement. For any problem, you may contact us via email [email protected]. Our customer service representative will advise you about your choice.

Though it takes 2-4 weeks, you see the results in typical cases. But there is a different duration for each to see the results. You can see its effects immediately, or you may get results after some weeks.  You should take supplement consistently in order to get its benefits.

We collect herbs from around the world and manufacture in the US. We have a third-party testing and evaluation system to ensure the quality of our products.

We mark it on the label whether the product is GMO- Gluten-free or not. For further information, you may email us.

Though there is no harm if you take our supplements alongside other medicine, it is recommended to consult your physician first. It is the best choice to seek their advice.

You need to take all capsules through the mouth and with water only. There are detailed instructions on the back of packing. For further help, you may contact us.

For best results and safety, we recommend you not to exceed from the recommended limit. If you want to increase your limit, you should first consult a health professional.  It is better to remain in prescribed medication to avoid side-effects.

We design our supplements to fulfill the requirements of adults accurately. So these supplements are not for the use of children. You should feed your children with a better and well-balanced diet and do not take them to supplements.


You can order a supplement on our website. Go to the site and place an order.

We dispatch our products right after you place order. It may take 2-4 day to deliver you.

You are requested to contact us here if you don’t receive our product within four days after you place the order. We will help you in locating your shipment.

We do not deliver products to other countries. You may contact a US international shipping company for the purpose.


Dr. Martin’s Nutrition offers you a refund within 30 days after you make a purchase. If you have not got the required results within 30 days and you want a return, please send a mail to us at [email protected] during this period. Do not forget to enter your order No. and your feedback

There are no side effects of our supplements. We not only have a system of third party evaluation and testing. Furthermore, the FDA also has a regulation process which monitors manufacturing, the safety of ingredients, and marketing system. We adhere to the excellent manufacturing process and excel FDA requirement for further protection and reliability. We are a partner of independent organizations to ensure our Premier quality and high standards of giving you benefits.

FDA does not review our product specifications individually because we don’t offer supplements to diagnose treat and heal. We don’t offer our product for the prevention of any disease. We have consulted to health care experts to see if our products give you benefits or not.

For your safety, we have a complete system of evaluation to ensure that our products have the right composition, nutrients, purity, and quality. Your safety and better health is our priority, and we are proud of it.

Yes, third-party organizations test our products for quality and standard.