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Heart Attack- Causes And Risk Factors

Heart Attack, causes and risk factors

Do you know your heart is the most sensitive part of your body? Do you know what causes of heart attack are and what are its symptoms? How can you save your life in case of heart attack and how can you lead a happy life with a heart problem? This article will address these questions and an overall view of this serious problem will have discussed. A lot of people are not sensitive about their heart and they don’t take minor problems to account and in the end suffer a lot.

What is Heart Attack?

When there is a blockage in arteries which supply blood to heart, a part of the heart where blood supply is blocked starts dying. The main causes of this blockage are fats, cholesterol, and other things. The supply of blood to the heart is blocked. This plaque forms a clot and part of the heart muscle is destroyed. A heart attack when it is serious can be fatal but there have been treatments that have saved the lives of people.


Now there is a question when a heart attack occurs? When one or more arteries are blocked, you will feel pain in chest and this is the symptom of a heart attack. With the cholesterol plaques, your coronary arteries become narrow and there is the risk of a heart attack. When blood does not reach the heart chambers, there is a lack of oxygen and ischemia and it starts dying. There may be a complete blockage or partial. Treatment depends upon the nature of the blockage. Another cause of heart attack can be spasm of the coronary artery that also blocks the flow of blood. This is caused by smoking and the use of illegal drugs.

Some risk factors

Surely, there are some risk factors that contribute to this life-threatening emergency.  You can take precautionary measures to reduce this risk.

Some risk factors are

  • There is a risk of heart attack for people over 45 years and women whose age is more than 55 years.
  • Smoking exposes you to heart attack
  • High blood pressure also causes heart problems. Obesity, diabetics and high cholesterol level increase the risk of a heart attack.
  • High blood cholesterol narrows the arteries and increases the risk.
  • Obesity and diabetics are also the main causes of high blood pressure and heart attack
  • If there is a history of a heart attack in your family, then you are at risk of heart problem.
  • Stress also causes a heart attack.

How to prevent?

You can prevent the risk of heart attack if you take timely action. You can do it in two ways

If you take medicines as prescribed by cardiologist you can lower the risk. Even if you have a heart problem you can prevent further damage through medication and eliminate the risk. Your lifestyle is also important. Quit smoking, eat fruits and vegetables, control stress factors and take exercise according to your age and stamina.