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Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Knee pain; home remedies

Knee pain has different causes and factors. These problems may be short term as well as long term. A lot of short term problems may be treated in a natural way and do not need a consultation with doctors. There are home remedies for long term problems also and you may be recovering through homemade natural remedies. In this article, I shall discuss some natural solutions for this pain. If you follow these tips you can treat this pain without expensive medications and treatment.

Here are some of the best tips for knee pain recovery.


Though a physical therapist can suggest better exercises for knee pain and help you treat this pain through exercise there are some common exercises for knee pain. If your upper leg muscles are strong, you may better protect your knee joints. By repeating step-ups you can help recovery. Secondly, sit in a chair and repeat sitting and standing slowly without using hands for support. Thirdly, squatting can also help your recovery. You can get maximum benefits from these exercises if you make it your routine and regularly do this. It is the best treatment which does not cost you even a penny.


Obesity exposes you to the risk of knee pain. If you are carrying extra weight your joints may need to work more and this may cause long term knee pain. Furthermore, it boosts inflammation in your body and therefore causes knee pain. The solution to this problem is exercise and a balanced diet. Eat fruits and vegetables. Use lesser meat, animal fats, and other fats. You should consult a doctor before starting a diet for knee pain and obesity. It will ensure that it is safe for you. Thus lose your extra weight if you want to avoid knee pain.


You may use different medicines in consultation with a physician. Anti-inflammatory medicines can help you with knee pain. Some of these medicines may be used on prescription and some may be without. Acetaminophen, diclofenac, and naproxen are helpful in knee pain. Chondroitin sulfate is also effective and reduces your knee pain. You may contact your physician for detailed advice about its usage. It is a fact that medication gives you relief but it has short term effects. Furthermore, medicines also have side effects that may give birth to other complexities. These medicines are also costly.


Massage especially self-massage may prove helpful in knee pain. Doctors recommend that massage should be done in the sitting position. Knees should be pointed forward and feet should lie flat on the floor. Close your hands into fists and start tapping your upper and lower thigh. Do it ten times. There are a lot of other methods for massage and all are helpful in your knee pain.

In short, you may treat your knee pain in a number of ways. Home remedies are not much costly and may give you long-lasting relief. Exercises, diet, and massage are the best treatment for knee pain.