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Magnesium Citrate





  • SUPPORTS MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY: WITH Magnesium deficiency being one of the most common deficiency in humans. Magnesium is at work in every cell of your body. Every cell in your body contains it and needs it to function on a daily basis. Magnesium helps to realise Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the body, which helps to create energy in the body.*
  • IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP: Having low Magnesium in the body can lead to poor sleep. It can also support with sore muscles, digestion, bone health occasional headaches, cramps, twitches all of which can disturb your sleep.*
  • MULTIPLE OTHER BENEFITS: Magnesium is important for the normal functioning of bones, muscles, nerves, cells and the heart. It also can help support stress and anxiety, cardiovascular health, Enzyme Function, Muscle Contraction, Bone Mineralization and regulating calcium levels,*




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