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Saw Palmetto

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64 reviews for Saw Palmetto

  1. Randal Heck

    I had been taking a similar product that included pumpkin seed and my prostate condition got slowly worse over a twelve month period. I decided to make a change to see if this would work to avoid drugs and there has been a huge improvement in just the three weeks that I have been taking this. I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

  2. Terry

    I wanted to wait a while before writing a review for this product to gauge if it was effective or not. So far I am pleased. I was dealing with excessive urination and my hair thinning. I can say that after 3 months of use my urination before bed is null. Before I was going like up to five times! Also I can say that my hair has been growing not thinning! I am also taking this in combination with 10,000 mg biotin and minoxidil, but i am pleased and will most likely reorder.

  3. Rigsy

    This stuff works! But I get optimum results if I combine it with Braggs Vinegar. I drink a tablespoon of Braggs combined with 2 tablespoons of water, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner. Then I drink this capsule after the meal. I have gone from waking up at night 4 to 6 times to one a night and sometimes, I just sleep straight through.
    Just today I noticed that I was getting more hair in the balding areas of my head. Then I read somewhere that saw palmetto is one of the active ingredients for hair growth. So you get 2 benefits!

  4. Sandler

    I was skeptical that a supplement would help with prostate problems, but this has. After approximately 10 days of taking two each morning, my flow is noticeably improved. It has not helped with urge for more frequent urination, but I do like what it has done and I will keep with it.

  5. Rick R looker

    Being over 60 years of age, I have been experiencing prostate problems for the past few years. I have tried a number of
    supplements, all of which contain saw palmetto. However in just a few days, I could see a positive difference with the
    Dr. Martin’s product with no side effects that I can discern. I will continue to use this product and would recommend it
    to anyone having prostrate issues. It also helps that the price is great.

  6. Jerry


  7. Nuggets

    So far..I kinda like it..ever since I start taking the pills..it help me stop going to the rest room all the time.. I will order more when I run out.

  8. Warne

    Guys- this was a life-changer for me! tried the usual perscribed meds with only modest improvement. This product is one of the oldest remedys- and for good reason. Tired of bathroom runs?

  9. pete

    The price is right and the delivery/service was PROMPT. I’m 10 days into it and I have noticed a difference. I will update when I finish the first bottle. At this rate I’m sure I will purchase again. Don’t put off buying a product like this, if you are tired of the night time visits to the bathroom. The price for this is to good not to at least try.
    Update: Not quite what my expectations desired. I really wanted to see an increase in stream flow. Oh well, I’m not getting up twice during sleep. I can’t get past 7:00 AM though. That’s not to bad considering.

  10. Rocketbob

    Damn, 180 caps per bottle at two a day is a three month supply for $11.99, that is dirt cheap. I wanted to finish off my other brand that I saw no results before opening Dr. Martins. The light in the room I keep my supplements is dim’ I just took one. That night I made one p run. I haven’t p ‘d that hard, that much in 20 years. I drink water, coffee and tea all day, and usually make 15 or so trips. Day after DR. M brand I made five!. Best part, I did not leak all the time like I belonged in diapers or a nursing home. I bragged to my wife about this, and she had her reading glasses on, and read the dosage to me, so I took two, one good run to john in ten hours. If this works for you, be thankful, no matter the dosage or price. Dr. Martins saw palmetto is a good product at a very good price. Billy S in Alabama, 73 and still peeing !!!!

  11. William

    Can’t tell if it really works. Takes a long time for it to be effective.

  12. Kevin

    I thought I was buying 1000mg tablets. That’s what the dosage said on the label of the Amazon ad. But I found that you only get the 1000mg dose if you take two tablets at a time. I’ve included a picture, with this review, which shows the words “per serving” after 1000mg on the bottle that I received. The words “per serving” were absent on the picture on the Amazon ad I saw. I feel cheated, but “i’ve already opened the bottle, and I need to see the effect of this product before my doctor’s visit in a week. So I don’t have much choice but to keep the product.

  13. Mega

    Sure wish they would have put the ingredients up in the pictures and not way down the page where I overlooked. We need a vegan product and since all we caught was vegetable capsules we assumed it was vegan but after receiving the bottle we see that the product contains gelatine (bovine). So now we have a product we don’t need.

  14. coy

    I’ve only been using this product for about a week, but so far I have been pleased with the results. I’m down to one or two trips a night going to the bathroom to urinate. Before I started using it I would normally have to go about every two hours, so this is a good improvement, and hopefully it will get better. Give it a try, you might be surprised by the results!

  15. John V

    Was getting up to 4 to 5 times a night and I am not even 40. Started taking this and I go once or not at all during the night

  16. John

    Was getting up to 4 to 5 times a night and I am not even 40. Started taking this and I go once or not at all during the night

  17. Dee Inc

    A supplement for ever man over 40, this one fits my needs. I have fewer trips to the bathroom at nights and an overall sense of wellbeing. I would definitely order again in the future.

  18. Harvey

    I had recently tried Saw Palmetto for frequent urination at night. I bought my first product at the grocery store. I also take prescription drugs for my problem, but still get up six to eight times a night. After taking the Saw Palmetto for a while, I was down to one or two times a night. A huge blessing for me. I went looking on Amazon to buy more and found it to be kind of expensive. I found this Dr Martins that was a high dosage, and 180 ct, for a reasonable price. It works great for me, and I didn’t have to pay too much. I like that.

  19. richard

    Product really helps me. I take it in the morning. I have noticed a difference.

  20. Cj

    Very good product and will certainly purchase again.

  21. Charlie

    It seemed to have a dramatic effect for the 1st couple of days, but the benefit quickly disappeared. I used it for a couple of months and have now stopped for a couple of weeks and there is no worsening of my symptoms. As best I can tell, this product provides no improvement at all.

  22. hambrick

    This is a great product, I have used others and they didn’t work. Would give it 6 stars if I could. Now my urine is flowing like the nile river.

  23. ranta61

    Very pleased with my saw palmetto, a new recommendation from my doctor. Timely delivery. Good value compared to competitors. Thank you.

  24. David

    As a 70 year old male I began to have the inevitable prostate related urinary problems. Using this product has enable me urinate almost like normal. My hope is that this problem will only improve after longer use. As of this writing I am much improved and looking forward to greater success.

  25. jorge

    La entrega inmediata y la atención del fabricante que es poco usual que lo hagan ahora hay que esperar los resultados yo descubrí que era bueno en un listo de medicina y lo usé muy poco porque ya tenía la cirugía programada y si senti el cambio pero ahora un tío me lo pidió porque se lo recomendó un urólogo en Mexico porque no lo puede operar por problemas del corazón lo estamos usando para desinflamar la prostata

  26. Coder80

    I like that the quantity is such that it keeps the cost per capsule low and yet the quality is still very high.

  27. Kimsey

    For the price these are the best deal I have seen I will continue to buy this brand and the quality is the best too.

  28. Saw Palmetto

    Very good product. For this for my husband and he does not impress easily. Thank you!

  29. Blumonte

    I have been taking this product for about a week now and
    it seems to be working just fine. I have only been getting up
    one time during the night.

  30. DRG

    This product is great for men with prostate issues. I have just started this particular brand, but have been on Saw Palmetto for a while. So far so good!

  31. Struzik

    I’ve been using saw palmetto for many years but when I saw and read the research on super strength saw palmetto I decided to give it a try so far it’s working as I expected

  32. LR

    Good value

  33. Jazar

    I’ve tried Saw Palmetto a few times over the years and havent seen a clear difference in nightly bathroom trips. I decided to give it another try with what appeared to be a more potent brand. Once it arrived, I realized that the 1000mg is not per capsule, it is per dose, which is two capsules. So this turned out to be a worse deal than some of the other brands I had tried before. Very misleading. Will not buy from this company again, cannot trust them.

  34. Donny

    For starters, the price is absolutely right – you really can’t beat it. I take Saw Palmetto primarily because my Dad had Prostate Cancer…which he beat, no problem. Since it can be hereditary, my brother and I can’t take enough Saw Palmetto…just in case.

  35. Arelys

    I have not tried it, this was for my dad, he is out of the country, and I needed on time for the shipping, all worked out well!

  36. Weiss

    Have only had product a few days . Will have a better idea as to satisfaction with this in a month or more
    To early to review.

  37. Jorgensen

    One capsule in the morning (at breakfast) and one in the evening (at dinner)

  38. Wallace

    Useless, after taking for over a month absolutely no difference in night time bathroom breaks…money wasted

  39. Joseph

    to early to tell if it lessens the frequent urination…but we shall see

  40. Les

    I received the product as ordered. I have taken it for appx 2 weeks and have noticed a change in my Frequency to Urinate at night.I will judge my Results by the End of February.

  41. Linda

    Best buy on the market. Will continue to order

  42. Eric

    Delivered on time and exactly what I was expecting.

  43. Kennesaw

    Well, I have used this and Found it really DOES work! I have reordered this because I NO longer wake up at O-DARK-30 as I did before my original purchase. 5 star rating that should be a 10 star!

  44. penname

    Too soon to have results. Purity of product and price drove my decision to purchase.

  45. jabt11

    item arrived in time product performed fine

  46. Kevin

    Great transaction-item received as advertised.

  47. Customer

    Quick service; great product. Since I began taking saw palmetto a couple years ago, I rarely have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It was nice to receive an email from the seller offering their services

  48. Sam

    Hasn’t done anything for me but make me sick and very sick after 3 days realized it and stopped taking. Took almost a week for stomach to get normal again

  49. AGT

    Fast delivery. Weak potency.

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